Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has tried to educate patients about the Allergan breast implant recall and the risks and benefits of breast implant removal surgery.   Breast implant removal surgery is straightforward in the sense that breast implants are removed.  However, there are a multitude of things to consider with regard to reasons for removal.  As well, there may be a multitude of considerations for correction of breast shape and volume following removal of the implants.


Reasons to Remove Breast Implants

1) desire to increase or decrease the size of the breast implants

2) back, neck, or shoulder girdle problems

3) capsular contracture, particularly intractable capsular contracture

4) breast implant pain or complaints of breast implant illness

5) breast implant rupture

6) routine exchange of breast implants every 10 years or so


What to Consider When the Breast Implants Are to Be Removed to Improve or Optimize Breast Shape or Volume

1) size of implants placed and duration of time implants have been in place as well as tissue thinning and changes in breast characteristics

2) need for breast lift following breast implant removal

3) consideration of breast fat transfer to improve breast volume, fullness, or contours

The removal of breast implants as a stand alone procedure is a very common procedure that Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed many times under local anesthesia.  A small incision in the previous scar can be made, and the implant can be removed easily if the implant shell is intact.  In more complicated cases wherein breast lift or breast fat transfer may be considered or in which total capsulectomy is to be performed, general anesthesia is a better option for patient comfort and surgeon ease.


Recovery from Breast Implant Removal Surgery

The recovery for breast implant removal is largely determined by any additional procedures that are to be performed at the same time.  Breast implant removal surgery by itself is relatively painless, and the recovery is easy for most patients.



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