How Genetics and Environment Play a Pivotal Role in Plastic Surgery Results

How Genetics and Environment Play a Pivotal Role in Plastic Surgery Results

Published on May 31, 2021 by

Patients sometimes overlook the most important factors in plastic surgery results.  Genetics and environment play a huge role in surgical results.  Genetics may be something obvious to say, as some patients may have much smaller waists and much larger hips and much better skin.  Therefore, if you perf0rm liposuction and fat transfer procedures for these […]

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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Restores Life to Patients with Complex Revision and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries

Published on April 19, 2021 by

Previous surgery compounds the risks for complications for expert revision plastic surgeons like Dr. Kenneth Hughes. It is important to understand that not every plastic surgeon’s practice is the same.  Statistically, the average plastic surgeon will perform about 4 plastic surgeons a week or fewer.  Most perform less than 200 surgeries a year.  Primary breast […]

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Reviewing the Efficacy of Cellfina for Treating Cellulite

Published on May 4, 2020 by

A few years ago, Cellulaze was the popular and marketed cellulite treatment.  Cellfina has been a more recently marketed device to improve cellulite.  The procedure involves projecting a small cutting edge which is to release the tethering cords responsible for the cellulite.  In general, the satisfaction for Cellfina is about 70%.  This is a lower […]

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