There was a recent article in which the author expressed her concerns about breast reconstruction and the things that she wished she had known prior to surgery. Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles has performed many implant-based reconstructions as well as multiple autologous tissue transfers for breast reconstruction. There are many options for breast reconstruction including breast implant reconstruction or autologous tissue procedures. Some patients may choose to not have reconstruction.

Realistic expectations for the surgical result are important as well. The mastectomy is obviously creating a significant deformity to be sure.

Make sure the plastic surgeon has ample experience performing your surgery of choice. Also, make sure they can accommodate you with the look that you desire.

For instance, do you want more fullness on top? Are you looking to stay the same size, or do you want to go a bit larger or smaller?

If you are looking for experts in a certain type of reconstruction, like DIEP flap or DUG flap, consider reaching out to other survivors for recommendations.

Plastic surgeons are people, too

Like us, surgeons give their opinions and suggestions based on their own experiences and comfort level.

If a plastic surgeon doesn’t feel comfortable with a particular type of breast reconstruction surgery or technique (such as fat grafting), they may not think that option is what’s best for you, when, in fact, it may be.

This is another important reason to talk to multiple surgeons. You will find out additional options and be able to articulate what you want.

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