Allergan is making a new effort to find thousands of women who have the recalled textured breast implants that the company recalled after FDA request to recall the breast implants.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, has utilized breast implants from Mentor, Allergan, Natrelle, and Sientra at one point in his career.  The implants are very similar across companies, and Dr. Hughes has used smooth implants in almost all cases except some reconstructive cases in which a textured implant may have had a therapeutic advantage at that time.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes previously reported on this site in July 2019 about the FDA recall of certain textured Biocell breast implants from Allergan.  Those implants were associated with BIA-ALCL, breast implant–associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.  Some of these women have died after receiving this diagnosis.

This is the latest of several actions the FDA has taken on breast implant safety.  The FDA also sent a warning letter to Allergan over its failure to comply with regulatory requirements for selling its implants.

Allergan offers funds for patients to have the recalled implants removed as well as reimbursement for imaging of those implants in affected patients.

Allergan is also now facing about 48 lawsuits, including some class-action claims, relating to BIA-ALCL and its recalled implants.