Over a year after the coronavirus brought first unleashed devastation on the world, it appears that Donald Trump was right after all.  Apparently, the US government and others around the world have known for over a year that the coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan lab, not from a wet market in the area.  How can something so important be buried for over a year?

Now mainstream media and media publications have embraced the origin story.  But why?  Everyone laughed at Donald Trump when he said it and said that he had seen evidence.  However, Trump was viewed as a racist and all of his statements were dismissed as that of a crazy individual.  How could something so monumentally important not be brought to light until Trump left the White House?   What could have been more important than knowing this at a time when vaccines needed to be made to help millions and billions of people worldwide?  Knowing the viral coding and the specifics of the virus from the beginning could have saved untold lives.  It makes one wonder what else has been covered up.  If the most massive story of the world for the past 1.5 years and the greatest biological weapon developed in history can be kept a secret, what else has been fed to the masses as truth?