Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a scholar and scientist at heart, and he looks toward and investigates public health problems to invest in solutions.  Although this site is dedicated to plastic surgery technology and news, the coronavirus is having as much impact on plastic surgery business and the future of plastic surgery as anything has in the history of plastic surgery.  There have been emerging questions about the identity of the virus and its genome and how it came to be.  The current theory is that this virus developed from a natural evolutionary process from bats sold in wet markets in China.  So the source is undeniably from China.  The more problematic and more troubling issue at hand is determining if this virus was the result of a natural selection or the result of laboratory manipulation.  The Chinese government has not denied that there is a coronavirus lab wherein all sorts of coronaviruses have been studied by Chinese researchers for years.  In addition, these same Chinese viral researchers studied the dwellings of the bats and their natural habitats as well prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.  Many scientists worldwide have been asked if this virus could have been developed in a lab.  No one has determined definitively that this virus was not created in a lab and then released unintentionally or intentionally.  These concerns are truly terrifying and investigation into the origins of this virus must continue.  For all of the fears about containment of the virus, developing immunity to the virus, and developing a vaccine for the virus, the United States and all of its allies must endeavor to safeguard the people and protect future generations from any attempts at biological warfare.

Update 4/21/2020 on origins of the coronavirus (Covid-19):  Senator Blackburn of Tennessee has vehemently voiced concern that China has engineered the virus and released it on purpose.  Several other developments may provide fodder for this theory.  1) The individual first infected with covid-19 had no exposure to the wet food markets in Wuhan.  2) China has removed from public databases two research articles written by Chinese researchers about the origins of the coronavirus (Covid-19).  3) China has circulated false media stories including one that attributed the origin of the coronavirus to US citizens who had traveled to China.

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