Does Anyone Know How Much It Will Cost to Have Surgery at a Hospital?

She further stated that a study published in JAMA found that approximately 80 percent of American hospitals are not complying with this transparency mandate that requires hospitals to publish their discounted cash and secret negotiated rates so that healthcare consumers can shop for the best care at the best prices for the approximately 90 percent of healthcare spending that’s not for emergencies.

Real prices, like those offered at the growing number of price transparent surgery centers, allow employers, unions, and patients to shop for high-quality care at low, known prices and avoid overcharging hospitals whose high costs eat into employee wages and business earnings.

All Americans deserve the right to see real healthcare prices before care so they can make similar informed consumer decisions about their healthcare.

Many hospitals mark up prices from between 4 to 7 times what they charge for Medicare.  The average is about 3 times the cost of Medicare.

Price transparency can flip the current healthcare pricing power imbalance on its head. Healthcare is the only economic sector where patients generally don’t know what they’ll pay until after care is provided.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes provides a price or surgery cost list on his website, so that patients do not have to deal with this same issue.


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