Patients and the public in general view plastic surgeons in a pejorative way and tend to project those feelings onto plastic surgeons without giving that individual the benefit of the doubt.  Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes has closed his office during the pandemic for elective surgery and cosmetic surgery at great personal loss to himself and family but has kept his employees payed despite lack of business and lack of loans from banks or the SBA for small businesses.

In addition, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has been called upon personally to battle infections during these uncertain times.  A patient cannot simply be diverted in all cases until after the coronavirus pandemic is controlled.   Infections caused by silicone injections must be treated as these can lead to life-threatening issues. These are urgent or emergent cases that cannot wait. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has also been called upon to treat wounds not managed by larger hospitals in Los Angeles during this time.

One of his patients is a 95 year old woman who fell and had multiple wounds on her extremities.  She is healing well, and she has remained free from the coronavirus as well.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes has a long history of helping patients when others will not or cannot, and he will continue in that same fashion moving forward.  As May 15th approaches, Dr. Kenneth Hughes plans upon reopening his office to address his many other patients and performing their surgeries for which they have waited patiently.