Patient Death Rates in Prison are Lower and Vaccination Rates Are Higher in Prison

Immigrants in ICE custody facing deportation are complaining that they are not being vaccinated.  However, much of the United States has not been vaccinated.  Over 500, 000 patient deaths have been reported in the US.  Almost 10,000 COVID infections have been reported in federal custody and there have only been 9 reported deaths.  Statistically, these individuals in federal detention have better results in regard to patient deaths vs. total number of COVID cases than the rest of society.
Despite an endless litany of lawsuits filed against state and federal facilities, the statistics bear out something different.  Certainly, the internal policing at these centers is infinitely more difficult than the policing that occurs in households throughout the US to curb the spread of the pandemic.   An unruly internal populace in these facilities certainly should not have the success of curbing patient deaths as does the rest of society.  The logistics of this scenario would be a nightmare.  Yet, 9 patient deaths out of 9500 infections is a much more impressive statistic than is reported nationally across the board.
Federal detainees at federal prisons wonder when they will receive the vaccine.  Oddly about 40% of state inmates have received a COVID-19 vaccine, which is infinitely ahead of the nation.  Certainly these individuals are not health care workers and very few are over 75.  So it would seem that state inmates are prioritized for vaccination over the non-criminal element in society, which is disappointing to say the least.  Those in federal custody have better outcomes with infection than those in the free world.  The most appropriate question is not why have not all inmates state and federal been vaccinated.   Only a small percentage of the United States has been vaccinated, so those in prison surely do not deserve special treatment.  The real important question are why are the inmates being vaccinated at higher rates in one instance and having better patient death outcomes with infection than the rest of the United States in another instance.


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