Bad patient #1. One type of bad patient has so much anxiety or so many neuroses, that the consultation and the never-ending litany of questions can really drag down overall morale of the surgeon and the practice team alike.  Dr. Hughes has received hundreds and even thousands of emails from a single patient.  These patients should be avoided, if at all possible, because they will be an absolute nightmare after surgery.

Bad patient #2. There is another type of bad patient who thinks that he or she knows more than the plastic surgeon with whom they are consulting.  This person is a danger to him or herself and everyone around.  Some people despite obvious evidence to the contrary have developed an overinflated sense of self.  Even highly educated people like lawyers or other doctors are the merest dilettantes or neophytes in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery despite their immense research done with the aid of Google search.  These patients are incapable of leaving their ego when delving into a realm of ignorance and should be avoided at all costs.

Bad patient #3.  This patient does not listen to any of the post-surgical instructions and does not follow the protocols despite being told and reminded, in some cases, dozens of times.  These individuals will sabotage any surgery, no matter how trivial.  These patients will clean an incision with betadine until it opens despite receiving instructions to leave the incisions dry and the dressings intact.  This patient will walk 5 miles after a butt implant surgery and push the implant through the incision.  This patient will not strip the drains and cause the incisions to leak and open.