Patients sometimes overlook the most important factors in plastic surgery results.  Genetics and environment play a huge role in surgical results.  Genetics may be something obvious to say, as some patients may have much smaller waists and much larger hips and much better skin.  Therefore, if you perf0rm liposuction and fat transfer procedures for these genetically gifted individuals the results will be infinitely better.  The reason why some patients may not be able to recognize those with superior genetics has a great deal to due with the environment in which the individual has developed.

What does that mean?  Take two patients:  Patient A has 15% bodyfat and has a 30 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Patient B has 30% bodyfat and a 34 inch waist and 42 inch hips.

For Patient A, the waist can only be reduced 2 inches with liposuction and the hips can only be increased 2 inches.

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Therefore, this gives patient A a 28 inch waist after surgery and 38 inch hips after surgery.

Whereas, for Patient B, the waist can be reduced 8 inches with liposuction and the hips can be improved 4 inches.

Therefore, Patient B ends with a 26 inch waist and 44 inch hips.  To see more information about Brazilian buttlift and BBLs.

If you compare patient A and patient B before, patient A may actually think that she will get a better result than patient B.  However, this is simply not the case due to underlying musculoskeletal (or genetic) components and subcutaneous fat differences (environmental) between the two patients.

The similar analogy can be made to the world of athletics in which two individuals can be given the same nutrition, same coaching, and same training and can have results that are totally different.  A coach can only do so much for certain athletes.  Similarly, a plastic surgeon can only do so much for certain patients.

Unfortunately, patients will hardly ever acknowledge their genetic and environmental limitations and instead will place blame on the plastic surgeon, despite perfection on the part of the plastic surgeon in regard to the execution of the plastic surgery procedure performed.


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