Every year, Dr. Kenneth Hughes is regarded by many organizations as the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.  However, Dr. Hughes will not be on TV or the radio exhibiting a false bravado.  He will continue to pursue his profession and his art in all possible facets in his own unique, private struggle to take him to places heretofore unrecognized.

Very few people realize during their lives that they have the intellect and skill to do what no one else can do in a field of study or practice.  Plastic surgery is an odd realm of some of the brightest people in existence commingled with a huge number of pretenders, marketing trolls, and con-artists.  True genius and talent is hard to find but impossible to deny.  No matter what is done to abuse or defame or discourage that talented individual, talent always wins out if that individual does not give into the negative elements and individuals trying to sabotage.

Talent certainly must be nurtured, but, in such an adversarial world, talent must be protected by the individual who possesses it.  That individual must fight against the ugly imposters and false purveyors of knowledge.  If you do not let them win, then talent always wins out.  Talent is obvious in before and after photos and in videos.  Talent is apparent in the spoken word and the ability to speak and articulate in ways others can only dream.

The truth is that many of surgeries that Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs are so trivially easy for him, that it would be akin to someone else solving a problem of simple arithmetic.  However, there are very difficult surgeries for whom many disenfranchised patients seek out Dr. Hughes.  These difficult constitute the majority of the surgeries that Dr. Hughes performs.  They are surgeries for which others do not have an answer or a remedy.  For this passion and calling, Dr. Hughes deserves the respect and admiration of the masses.  However, this appreciation is rarely shown and even less commonly verbalized for the world to witness.

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