Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, has closed his office for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery until May 15th, at which time Dr. Hughes will reopen.  This will have amounted to 2 months of closure to new patients.  Part of the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic was to halt all non-urgent surgical procedures in order to preserve hospital capacity, personnel and equipment for a potential surge of coronavirus patients. In addition the governor of California gave similar instructions to be followed until May 15th. All over the country, surgical volume is down and surgeons are putting many, if not all, cases on hold.   Dr. Kenneth Hughes has continued to provide urgent and emergent surgical services.

At a time when hospitals may be overloaded with coronavirus cases, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has taken it upon himself to provide urgent care for wounds and infections among other urgent patient-related issues.  During this time, Dr. Hughes has treated patients with no insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare with no reimbursement for his services by insurance.  This type of commitment to his patients and those patients who may have nowhere else to turn during the coronavirus pandemic reflects very positively on Dr. Hughes.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes makes himself available to his patients during all hours of the day and night for any urgent or emergent concerns and has always done so.

When Dr. Kenneth Hughes opens his clinic in 3 weeks, patients can look forward to an unparalleled level of patient care.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes‘s surgical center and offices have the finest technology available and have been in constant contact with anesthesia, nursing, and hospital staff to generate the safest surgical experience for those concerned about COVID-19.



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