A few years ago, Cellulaze was the popular and marketed cellulite treatment.  Cellfina has been a more recently marketed device to improve cellulite.  The procedure involves projecting a small cutting edge which is to release the tethering cords responsible for the cellulite.  In general, the satisfaction for Cellfina is about 70%.  This is a lower satisfaction rate than most plastic surgery procedures.  This is due in part to Cellfina’s less than spectacular results and is due in part to patient expectations.

In addition, patients with cellulite may have loose skin as well or other volume defects that will not be addressed by Cellfina and may even be worsened.  The technical issue with Cellfina involves less the complete release of the tethering cords causing the cellulite.  These tethers are not uniform in size, not uniform in distribution, and not uniform in directionality.  As a result, a smaller device that stabs at the tethers as does Cellfina will inherently lead to incomplete release.

Many patients who come to see Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles may be under the impression that fat transfer or Sculptra or some other filler can improve dents or cellulite.  Cellulite is a unique entity that results from tethering of the skin to the underlying tissues.  The only satisfactory treatment for cellulite is to completely release these tethering elements from the overlying skin.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed this release procedure many times and performs it through small incisions with a special blunt large angulated hook which can be introduced through a small incision.  However, the design allows for a large spatulated surface area to apply to any and all tethers within its path.  When performed correctly, the improvement is immediate and obvious.

However, incomplete release and poor healing can result in suboptimal correction.  Fat grafting in very small quantities can prevent reattachment at the same points and create a buffer for the return of cellulite.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed thousands of butt augmentation procedures with both BBLs or Brazilian buttlifts and butt implants and frequently utilizes these cellulite improving maneuvers to create further improvement.


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