President Trump has repeatedly said that he was going to protect small business owners in those employees associated with the small businesses. However nothing has been done. If anything the order to remain at home has forced many small business owners to go out of business and or fire all or part of the workforce. Even if the unemployment takes care of the few patients are those who have lost their jobs, It does nothing To replenish the huge untold losses to the small business community and the economy as a whole. As a small business owner plastic surgeon certainly understand this. Many plastic surgeons have laid off their entire surgical workforce and even their executive workforce.

This is just a microcosm of what’s going on with doctors and small businesses across the country. In a time when we particularly doctors when we need doctors the most remind society of how important doctors are. The simple truth is is that no one possesses the intellectual or technical knowledge of doctors to save us from ourselves. It is important to remember that the doctor is the only one frequently preventing the patient from making the journey to the grave.

Many doctors are being asked to go even farther. Despite huge economic losses to the businesses they are being asked to give whatever supplies they can possibly get. In addition there at being asked to donate equipment as well. So in addition to losing businesses they are being fleeced for everything else they could possibly have. Certainly no one else in society is being called upon in such a fashion as our doctors during these dire times. Perhaps society will learn a critical lesson to not disparage or be critical of doctors when and and if the world returns from the coronavirus. It will be a costly lesson to learn as doctors are being required to help in an epidemic that is largely being kept alive by irresponsible people not practicing appropriate measures. For instance people still continue to beaches and spring break without a care in the world.

The truth of the matter is that this is global if she would likely run its course over the period of a few weeks if people stayed unto themselves. The virus can only survive for a few days on surfaces. The incubation time is short as well. All the cases could be identified within a two-week period and those patients could be identified, quarantined, and treated and the epidemic would be over. It is unfortunate that people keeping the coronavirus alive and manifesting its spread are the same people who have been critical of doctors despite not having the knowledge or wherewithal to be in a position to critique.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes encourages those people who have been so critical of doctors and surgeons in the past to consider whether they would have the intellect, aptitude, and work ethic to gain admittance to the best school on earth, succeed against the other elite members of society in college, gain admittance to medical school, dominate within the top 1% of medical students nationwide, gain admittance to the most competitive plastic surgery residency programs in the US, and go on to the most prestigious cosmetic fellowship in the world.

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