A nonpartisan group of 30 senators urged leadership to make permanent the expansion of telehealth services that has been undertaken during the coronavirus pandemic.  Telemedicine has been of great benefit to Americans during the pandemic, when doctors and patients have been separated.   Telemedicine has grown in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic as a safe alternative to in-person visits.

The services help doctors work with patients diagnosed with COVID-19 without putting themselves at risk.  It also helps physicians care for high-risk patients who might acquire the disease if forced to leave their homes for medical visits.  Telemedicine capabilities could result in improved service with lower fees even beyond the pandemic.  By assuring that the telemedicine services would be reimbursed, physicians could more readily invest in telemedicine solutions.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes offers telemedicine solutions for his Los Angeles plastic surgery practice during the coronavirus pandemic.  Dr. Hughes, a board certified plastic surgeon, offers virtual consultations and can provide telemedicine alternatives for ongoing care.

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